R&D Education Center


R&D Education Center is established based on the vision and medium-and-long-term development strategy of Seoul National University and SNU R&DB Foundation. We aim to provide systematic and comprehensive education for research administration personnel and researchers of ongoing research in SNU R&DB Foundation, various colleges (graduate schools), research institute and centers, in hope of nurturing professionals in academic-industrial cooperation.
We hope that through the supply of high-quality information, such as information on the agreement of research assignment and results management, to researchers performing academic-industrial research, and through the support of professional administrative services related to the research administration management system, we are able to create an environment where researchers are able to devote entirely to their research alone. In order to do so, we look forward to your continued interest and participation.

Characteristics of R&D Education Center

Systematic training management system

individual provision of course management system from the time of course application to the issue of completion certificate

Electronic e-book library

a service whereby various regulations, guidelines and a huge array of books can be downloaded and viewed on smartphones
A service where, with the MOU conclusion of the Training Institute of Human Resource Development under SNU R&DB Foundation and the research foundation, the systems of both organizations can be seen at one glance through a single R&D Education Center account

Curriculum System

Basic direction

an education center that inspires learning and enhances the capabilities of students
▶ To nurture educators to freely express the spirit of the times according to the society they belong to
▶ To nurture educators to consciously restore and materialize the inherent possibility in them
▶ To bring about improvement of positive relationships with various people as well as multi-dimensional development and advance ment

Curriculum system: collective / e-Learning / customized

▶ Target-based collective learning
- Research officer and researcher

Classification Education Method
Basic education Public lectures as a form of basic academic-industrial cooperation education for researchers
Professional education Public lectures as a form of professional education necessary for research officers and researchers

- Research administration professionals (SNU R&DB Foundation, human resource support for huge assignment, human resource for equipment management etc.) as target

Classification Education Method
Basic education Public lectures on various regularly revised policies, regulations and research management
Professional education Public lectures on national research development project management and appropriate and inappropriate enforcement practices

▶ E-Learning
R&D ability (researchers/administrative/common/essential/leadership etc.)
Customized learning
Door-to-door education for new entry laboratories spanning from research expenses-related procedures to the drafting of research proposals



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